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21 March 2020

A user in Spain reported reCAPTCHA issues. The problem was that Google changed the behaviour of its reCAPTCHA validation server, without issuing a corresponding change to its reCAPTCHA library. I've implemented a proposed workaround, while we wait for official guidance from Google.

25 April 2018

Apologies for the unplanned downtime. It always seems to happen, for reasons beyond my control, while I am travelling or celebrating my birthday. Things should now be operational again.

5 January 2018

There will be some webserver maintenance this week. I don't expect lengthy disruptions. If there are, I'll give maintenance status updates via @MorleyDNA.

1 October 2017

There were some website outages over the last week. It was an issue with my web host. I'll be working this month to move this service to a different server.

June 2017

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17 April 2014's web hosting plan is being upgraded. Consequently, there may be service disruptions over the next 72 hours.

7 February 2014

Latest update.

8 November 2013

An update, in advance of the 2013 Family Tree DNA Genetic Genealogy conference. Over 2200 Geno 2.0 kits and over 7300 non-Geno kits.

When linking to these phylogenies, please link to (a list of all versions), rather than any particular PDF document. This way, people will not inadvertently use older versions.

7 September 2013

Another new version of the experimental phylogeny has been released. In addition to the almost 2000 Geno 2.0 kits (coloured blue), this report also incorporates several thousand non-Geno kits (coloured magenta). For the same reasons as below, the classifier still uses the 26 July 2013 phylogeny.

8 August 2013

A new version of the experimental phylogeny was released today. It features over 1850 Geno kits. It is the first version of this report to fill in gaps using select non-Geno data. Some of these non-Geno SNPs will be private. Others will turn out to be further upstream, only for the moment appearing to be private because they haven't been widely tested yet.

The new version also features corrections to some of the discrepancies noted in the 26 July version.

I have made some changes to the data structure underlying my experimental phylogeny. Until I make the corresponding changes to my predictor, its experimental predictions will continue to be based on the 26 July 2013 phylogeny.

As a demonstration of this software's versatility, the same algorithm used to process the Geno data was used to generate a phylogeny from the two-sample Full Genomes demo data.

By request, this and future versions of my phylogeny will be accompanied by a CSV summary file giving kit counts and SNP counts for each node.

Finally, at the end of last month I produced an automated report showing discrepancies and gaps in the ISOGG tree and SNP database.

17 July 2013

Thank you for your interest in this project!

This project was launched on 16 July 2013 and since then it has gone very mildly viral. I'd like to temper some of the excitement directed towards the first version of my experimental Y-tree. Please don't overlook the "experimental" nature of this tree.

This project should be regarded as informative rather than authoritative. As I wrote in my announcement, it's not perfect, but it's a start.

Chris Morley

Data Formats

Two main formats are supported:

Documentation and discussion

Forthcoming. For now, see
here for some details on notation.

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ISOGG tree: Experimental tree [approx. 2.8 MB PDF]:


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